If all the people with a professional interest in cosmetics were convened at a meeting, it would be a very mixed gathering. We should find, in the medical profession, dermatologists who see in cosmetic products both a means of preventing skin lesions and a possible cause for then, there would be plastic surgeons, biologists, and physiologists who make a study of the structure of skin, hair, and teeth as well as the processes occurring in them and their immediate environment. There would also be organic chemists who would develop new basic and active substances for the cosmetic industry, physical chemists who study  the behavior of emulsions and surfactants, and microbiologists who deal with problems of preservation. We should certainly meet hairdressers and makeup specialises whose job is actually to apply cosmetic products and processes to the satisfaction of their individual customers and, finally, cosmetics chemists who are responsible for the industrial preparation of cosmetics and the development of new products.

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